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Edgewood, WA

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My dog loves coming here! It is a much better option for us when we go out of town than leaving her at a kennel. She can run and play and is well taken care of.
This was our first vacation where we didn't have family or friends watch our dogs. We were nervous leaving them at a boarding place. We were referred to Bark N buddies by our local coffee stand. We decided to call. We did the initial drop off for 4 hours. We were amazed that our older dog did not cause problems. We left them for 5 days at Bark N Buddies. They were amazing ! Thank you for the best experience! We would recommend to our friends and family. 
Thank you for taking great care of us,
Mia and Milo  

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                                                   I can't tell you how appreciative we                                            to have Bark-N-Buddies on our                                                                      route to work. It is so easy to get there                                                      and get off and on the road again. This is so important for me in getting to my job on time. Also Bark-N-Buddies stays open later than most doggy daycares, which is equally as important when you have those days you just can't get out of the office on time. Gypsy, who is a Australian Shepherd needs the socialization and the time playing with the mix of dogs that frequent the daycare. It is easy to see why she is so anxious to spend time at Bark-N-Buddies and why she whines with enthusiasm as we pull into the daycare. The staff is friendly and accessible and knows the traits and character of each of their furry friends very well. My Husband and I were very touched by the extra effort at Christmas to receive a "personalized" card from the staff as if written from Gypsy. It may sound silly, but our pets are near and dear to our hearts and knowing they are safe and busy is peace of mind for us. Gypsy usually comes home tired and exercised which all adds to her character and how she behaves at home. I am very pleased and would recommend Bark-N-Buddies to all who need to know theirs pups are in good hands.                                                            
                                            We couldn't be happier with Tami. They
                                             treat Cooper as if he is part of their own                                                  family. You can hear it in their voices and see it in their actions how much they love all of their daycare doggies. Cooper gets so excited as soon as we pull into the driveway of Bark-N-Buddies and races to the front door as soon as we open the car door. Not to mention the fact he is so calm and relaxed for 2 days following his visits. Thank you guys so much for all you do for him.
                                                                                                   - Shawn & Renea
                                        The first time that we went out of town 
                                         since we had Malcom, we decided to leave
                                         him with a  family friend. Everything went wonderfully, until we got home and found out that he had fleas! These family friends treated him very well I'm sure- but since we were first time dog owners, we had no idea that there were so many different ways to train, raise, and care for a dog... and we decided at that point to only leave him with professionals. We have gone out of town for extended periods of time since and left our beloved pooch with the great people at Bark-N-Buddies and I can just tell that he was well loved, cared for, and secure. The people at Bark-N-Buddies have been so great. I totally trust their judgement when it comes to caring for our dog. Family business' and ethical, professional practices are a very important things for our 'small business' family and this company more than meets our expectations!! I highly recommend Bark-N-Buddies for all of your dog needs.
                                        I love, love, LOVE Bark-N-Buddies! I visited
                                        several daycares with my mom and dad but as
                                        soon as we got to Bark n Buddies I knew we were at the right place...lots of room to run and play with my friends, inside and out, with loads of love from Tammy! I wish my folks would bring me here every day!
                                                                                                          -Sincerely, Riley
                                              Thank goodness for Bark-N-Buddies! 
                                              Our Dachshund, Hunter and Pomeranian,
                                              Tank, absolutely love their Tuesday visits.  There are plenty of other dogs to play with and humans to give them the personal attention that little doggies need sometimes. We can rest easy when I have to work late, knowing that they are having a great time, being sociable, and getting worn out!  Bark-N-Buddies is affordable and well worth the price, it's like having family members take care of the little ones, and puts our mind at ease.  Thanks Bark-N-Buddies!!"                                                                             
                                         As you know, we recently adopted Sam
                                        from a rescue shelter.  We didn’t feel
                                        comfortable leaving Sam alone while we were at work.  We tried another doggie daycare, which was okay, but Sam resisted being left there and didn’t seem very happy.  We were thrilled when Bark-N-Buddies opened right near our home and we were able to bring Sam in for his “entrance interview”.  Sam LOVES you.  He has blossomed from being very timid and almost cowering, to being in the mix of play and he now has happy eyes when I pick him up (and is tired after a day of activity).  Thank you for taking such good care of our Sammie while we’re at work!                                                 


What dog parents are saying...


                                                     I just had to take a moment to say
                                                     thank you for all the love and
                                                     attention you have showered upon
                                                     our little Henry. Although he has gone to other daycares, I can say that  Bark-N-Buddies is the only one that I know he is excited to go to and comes home tuckered out! We were just talking last night about how a day at Bark-n-Buddies means early bedtime for our Henry. Thank you again for the extra love, time and attention - it has put a happy smile on this "pet parent" face.